Thursday, November 25, 2004

Know what a dead-check is?

Journalist Evan Wright, who was embedded with troops in Iraq, reminisces about the wanton murder and destruction in that country under "the fog of war." He also reflects on the irony and hypocrisy of media coverage in the US:
One of the great ironies of the Bush administration, obsessed as it is with Christian values and the attendant crusade to punish what it deems obscene and lewd in the media (from Janet Jackson's breast to Howard Stern's speech), is that it has given us a war in which the airing of snuff films on national TV has become routine. The conflict in Iraq, as seen through news coverage, has begun to resemble the macabre underground 1980s video series Faces of Death. Throw in the images produced by the U.S. Army at Abu Ghraib, and the administration has put itself in the running to successfully compete with the BDSM side of the porn industry.
A dead-check, by the way, is poking a wounded enemy, then making sure he's dead by blasting away. More hearts-and-minds converted daily.

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