Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bernie Kerik's Ground Zero Love Nest

Most people go to Ground Zero as a pilgrimage. It's quiet there. People are moved. Some are more moved than others.

Bernard Kerik, the Bush Administration's disgraced Homeland Security appointee, went to Ground Zero to get it on. Kerik, who apparently viewed the former site of the twin towers as his Viagra, used an apartment overlooking Ground Zero as a love nest. Even more astonishing is that "The apartment is said to have been one of several in the neighborhood donated as space for emergency service, rescue workers and Red Cross personnel to use for rest in the weeks after the 11 September tragedy."

Bernard Kerik withdrew his name from consideration with a story about not paying taxes to his nanny. The Bush Administration knew about this other stuff, they just thought the American public would go with whatever they say. Guess that "mandate" thing might just not be.

Lying is not a Moral Value.

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