Friday, December 31, 2004

iFlipFlop's New Year's Resolutions

10 ideas that will get us through 2005:
  1. Keep exposing Republican hypocrisy (that's a daily slam dunk)
  2. Bring more balance and research to stories (be a good, but opinionated, journalist)
  3. Eat less, workout more, drink lots of water (always a good idea)
  4. Make sure Man-on-Dog Senator Rick Santorum is held accountable (buh-bye in 2006)
  5. Celebrate Philadelphia (it's the City that Loves You Back)
  6. Be nice to our friends and incisive with our enemies (the adjunct to Machiavelli's "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.")
  7. Do our part to make the label of "liberal" a good thing again (and show "conservative" for what it is - racist, sexist, oppressive, intolerant, and ignorant)
  8. Write a book (oh, there are so many, just add one more to the heap)
  9. Turn our backs on Bush (he doesn't have a mandate)
  10. Be thankful we can do any of these things (we're very lucky - the tsunami reminded me of that once again)
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