Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Do the math: When $350 million equals 42 hours

From a very clever calculation at pseudorandom:
According to this story in the Chicago Sun-Times, the war in Iraq has cost $130 billion to date (per the Office of Management and Budget). Given that we invaded Iraq 20 March 2003, that comes to 656 days since the invasion, which in turn equals $198,730,732 per day.

In other words, the total amount committed by the US government to date for tsunami relief - $350,000,000 - equals 42.27 hours of the cost of the war in Iraq. Just to put things in perspective.
Have a look at the original story to see all of his links and calculations. Very nicely done. I had proposed a week or so ago that we should put the Iraq War on suspended animation and send the billions dollars a week to the tsunami victims. This calculation shows why $350 million OF OUR MONEY (Bush acts like it's his to give and should get credit for it) is still a pittance.

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