Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ever had a Maid-Rite? It's an Iowa Specialty

Have you ever eaten a Maid-Rite? It's like a hamburger, minus the formed burger part. As they say:
From our humble beginnings of a restaurant owned by a man with a dream of serving great tasting food, the sandwich that was “TOO GOOD TO BE A PATTY” was established. Maid-Rites are cooked in a delicious special seasoning in our special cut of ground beef and served on a warm home-maid bun.
I'm in Iowa for a wedding and decided that I had to have one of the regional specialties. Yummy. (Especially ironic, too, considering I said I'd write about restaurants in New Orleans, New York City, and Amsterdam, which I've visited in the last three weeks. But it's Maid-Rites that make it to the top of my list.)

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