Friday, August 19, 2005

A cautionary tale of why hot linking is a bad idea: Plus a bonus pic of Jude Law naked


These people were hot linking pictures and using up someone's bandwidth, so the pictures were substituted with Jude Law's wee willie winkie.

Bad Hot Linker 1
(UPDATE: Site taken down. Cache available soon.)

Bad Hot Linker 2

Bad Hot Linker 3

Bad Hot Linker 4 (UPDATE: This one is now hotlinking another site that apparently didn't like that either.)

UPDATE: Bad Hot Linker 5 - Jude Law's Scrolling Tallywacker

UPDATE: Bad Hot Linker 6 - Since this one's 16, Katherine Harris was substituted for Jude's Nanny Knocker.

Hot. Linking. Bad.

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