Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Looking for an Honest Guy in Philadelphia

I got a message from my business partner when I hopped on the train last night at 7:15. "We have your check. A guy found it and returned it," she said. I smacked my back pocket. Sure enough, my partner draw check wasn't there. I'd lost a check. Written to me. Endorsed with my signature. It had a few zeros on it.

Incredible, actually. The check fell out of my pocket on the corner of 18th and Spruce at 7pm last night. Here's where Honest Guy enters the picture.

Honest Guy buzzed my business at 7:05. "I have something you want," he said. My business partner and a few of our associates were there. "I'm not sure what you mean," she said. "A check," he said.

Honest Guy found a manual check made out to me - by me - and brought it to our office. Handed it over. Anonymously. Could have been just as easy to copy my signature and get it cashed. Punto. He didn't. Not even close.

I'd like to find him. And thank him. In person.

So...on the odd chance that Honest Guy reads a little blog in Philly, or if someone knows Honest Guy and heard the story, I'd like to hear from you. I have something for you. And "thanks" just isn't enough. Please drop me a note here if you're out there (or just stop by the office again).

Here's what I know about Honest Guy: He brought a check to my office at 18th and Spruce. He was well dressed. He said he lives in the Rittenhouse area. He had short, dark hair and was wearing glasses. (Our Creative Director described him as "good looking," which is a great combo with Honest.)

I'm looking for an Honest Guy in Philadelphia. Please let me know if you're out there...or if you have seen him.

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