Saturday, August 26, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine Made Me Smile

I just saw Little Miss Sunshine. What a fabulous film. Albert wrote about it on Philly, and I was intrigued. But it was a while before I go to the theater. I could go right back.

The crowd was very responsive, laughing along with the punchlines. But the movie wasn't was powerful. Little Miss Sunshine is a beauty contest that the family is driving to. And how creepy it was to see that part. From what I read on Wikipedia, the girls in the pageant were real beauty queens and did their real acts. Yucko. But that was the great setup for Little Miss Sunshine, with a culmination that reminded me of the Thanksgiving play in Parenthood wrapped around the talent contest in About a Boy. (Same mom as in About a Boy, btw.)

I would go see this movie another time. And now I want a yellow Volkswagen bus. You can design your own here.

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