Tuesday, August 08, 2006

World Pro Kite Flying Tour

I won't be joining the World Pro Kite Flying Tour anytime soon. I bought this kite and took it out for its inaugural flight yesterday. Good thing I wasn't born into the Wright family 130 years ago or today there would be no magnificent men in their flying machines. My kite crashed.

Ah, the instructions looked so deceptively simple. Assemble and go. Take the kite out on the beach not far from where the Wright Brothers had their inaugural flight and let the kite take wing. That worked for about 10 seconds.

I played out 150 yards of line. I held the red strap in my right hand and the gray strap in my left, just like instructed. I walked upwind. And I readied my lines. When the wind picked up I gave the lines a yank and walked backwards. Up, up, up. Left, left, left. Spin, spin, spin.

My brand new kite went up in the air about 10 feet, spun and twisted at Wankel engine rpms, and then smacked into the beach nose first. Ever try and wind up 150 yards of twisted kite string on a beach?

My kite lines were tangled and twisted. Plus, they picked up every piece of flotsam and jetsam that came in from the Atlantic over the past three weeks. So much for my World Pro Kite Flying Tour. One kite flight that lasted less time than Orville's 12-second airplane flight in 1903. So, I set about the Guinness Book of World Records effort to untangle the world's largest knot.

It took me nearly two-and-a-half hours. Since I'm ADD Boy, that's about exactly two hours and twenty-nine minutes longer than I would normal spend untying a knot. But I did. I sat on a dune and pulled and twisted and looped. Aaahhhh. Success.

I'm going out to try that bad boy once again in a bit. Let's see if I can beat Orville's flight time.

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