Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crazy OCD Lady on the R5

Why is it when Jack Nicholson has OCD in "As Good As It Gets" it's charming, but when a crazy lady sits behind you on your commute and rips up pieces of paper for 35 minutes it's downright maddening?

There's a woman who gets on at my train stop each morning. She looks perfectly normal. Dressed nicely. Obviously has a job to get to in the city. But she carries 3 sacks of papers, and her purse is wrapped in a plastic grocery bag.

When I say she's "carrying papers," I mean she's carrying 3 weeks worth of newspapers and magazines. All folded. And each day she gets on the train and rips those papers up and put the scraps in ANOTHER plastic grocery bag. And she does this for the whole trip.

Today, I had the bad fortune of sitting right in front of her. RIP! SCRATCH! RUSTLE! RIP!. Over and over. I put on my Shure EC-2 sound deadening earphones, and I could still hear her. She even kept it up when a guy sat down next to her.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here: OCD. And 150 cats. It's a good thing I'm so normal. Abby Normal.


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