Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't Meet Me in St. Louis

Two hundred people were trapped in the Gateway Arch for over 2 hours yesterday. That freaks me out from here.

I've visited the Gateway Arch. And I even overcame my claustrophobia to wedge my ass into one of those pods that bring you and five of your closest friends to the top of the arch. It's a crappy, creepy ride. You can't really stay out. You're smashed in th pd, which swings and creaks as it reorients to vertical as it jerks up to the top.

At the top of the arch are WAY too many people, all of whom are trying to lie on their bellies and look out the teensy windows. I did it once. That was enough. Now, seeing that people were caught on top or in the pods for over 2 hours, the closest I'll get to the Gateway Arch is right here on this picture.

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