Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Crazy Would It Be?

I fired up a site in my own name this week. I've owned the domain for years and parked it. Finally, I got around to doing a little configuring with it.

Question: How nuts would it be to abandon iFlipFlop and start blogging on my own domain?

I have only a limited writing bandwidth. I'm writing five posts a week for my work blog. I've been asked to write for I have client work. And I have this. So, I don't think I can keep this one up PLUS do one in my own name.

What's a guy to do?

Some background: The one in my name is on the newest Wordpress platform, which is something I've wanted to be on with this site for a couple of years. (Sadly, I started out on Blogger and now I'm trapped.) I've written over 2,000 articles here, and I just don't want them to go away...I'll need to port some of them over if I really want them.


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