Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Day

iFlipFlop is moving to new digs called Frank.

For a number of reasons, mostly because I wanted more control over my formatting, I've decided to blog over at the new place.

This place has served me well. I've written 2,138 posts as of today. Traffic has averaged around 2,000 people a day. And iFlipFlop is almost 3 years old, which in internet years, that's like 21 years old. And it's time to move out of the house.

For those of you who are regular readers, would you mind pointing your links to Yep, that's my whole name. I was tired of anonymity, as thinly veiled as it was anyways.

For those of you regular readers of iFlipFlop who read it by RSS, here's the new link:

For those of you who come to iFlipFlop to look at Pamela Anderson in a flimsy shirt, that post is still there. I own this domain and will probably keep this site hosted for a while. Fear not.

I've begun to reconstruct my blogroll and made it a separate page that you can see at the top of the blog (not the one on the bottom, that's something different). If you don't see your name there, please drop me a note at frank@ifliflop with your blog name, URL, and RSS, and I'll get that pumped in.

Moving days are exciting. I'm pleased about this one. Come on over and set a spell, as they said on the Beverly Hillbillies.


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