Monday, May 21, 2007

Some Site Stats That Astonish Me

I remember back in they day when I would anxiously look at my site stats to see if anyone came by. Even a few people made me happy. (Still do.) So, it cracks me up when I get my weekly site stats from Sitemeter and see that this blog averages 1,870 readers a day. Who'da thunk?

Even more amazing is my business blog, which has over 400 RSS subscribers, 35 e-mail subscribers, 600-700 additional daily readers, and is now syndicated on Reuters, USA TODAY, San Francisco Gate, and others. Last week, for example, we had over 79,000 readers from Reuters alone. Here's a stats snapshot:

It's not bragging, far from it. I'm just dazzled by the reach that a knucklehead with a Mac and the ability to shamelessly craft incomplete sentences can have. It's a long way from the old poetry anthologies that were read by 100 people, most of them other poets who got comped copies.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

2,000 Posts and Running

Two thousand anythings seems like a lot. Two thousand pennies, that's a double sawbuck. Two thousand years, that's a couple millennia. Two thousand bottles of beer on that wall, that's a long bus ride. Why 2K?

This is my 2,000th article on iFlipFlop. 2,000. That seems like a lot. A lot of words. A lot of pictures. A lot of something. Here's a look back at 2,000 posts and running.

How iFlipFlop Got Its Name
Ms. Liquid Treats and I work in the communication business and were amazed at how effectively the flip-flopper label was pinned on John Kerry (remember that election?). She suggested that I register the name "" one afternoon in January 2004, and I spent 10 bucks, never thinking that I'd really do anything with the site. But I kinda liked it...and I was always a fan of Oscar Wilde, who said, "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." I'm a big fan of "strong opinions, loosely held" and thought that saying "I flip-flop" wasn't the worst that a person can do in this world.

Getting Started as a FlipFlopper
Post #1 on August 9, 2004 was was titled Flip-Flopper-in-Chief . The post was a bit of a naive look at GWB and how much he changed his mind. The first number of posts were along those lines. But I veered off a lot. I started off posting a lot of political material, but that's morphed. Now, iFlipFlop is mostly about what flops around in my head.

I've had a few favorites posts over the years. They are not always the most popular. (It's funny, you never quite can predict what will hit and what will flop.) But I enjoyed writing them all the same.

Simply a Few of My Favorite Posts
After 2,000 posts, it's tough to narrow down to an all-time favorite, so I'll put up a few with comments on why I liked them.

Barack Obama and Joe Hoeffel in Philadelphia
As I look back, my favorite pieces aren't derivative. They're not based on what someone else said. They were the ones that were in the moment. This was one of those times. If you don't read anything else on this page or any other pages of iFlipFlop, this is the post I'd read. Especially the second picture and its caption.

Pix from John Kerry Visit to Penn Today
We had press passes back in those days. But even better than that, Sarah wrangled "red tickets" so that we were in the front row. It was a beautiful day on the quad at Penn, and we got lots of good photos. Bonus: We got to shake Mr. Kerry's hand.

P. Diddy's Citizen Change "Vote or Die" Campaign at Temple
Diddy put on a Vote or Die rally at Temple. Sarah and I went there, press passes in hand. Front row again. Really great energy at the rap concert and in the press conference. Sarah talked Diddy and Mary J Blige into some highly-coveted Vote or Die shirts. When we were on the subway back to Center City, a young woman, who had also attended the concert, was oohing-and-aahing about my Vote or Die t-shirt, which I had pulled over my standard black t-shirt. I pulled off the Vote or Die shirt and gave it to her. Yep, the shirt off my back. She seemed really happy. Really happy. That was a good moment. I thought we could change the world that day.

Pamela Anderson Shows Off Her Acting Talent
This one wasn't brain surgery, but it's the biggest hitter on iFlipFlop. There are sometimes as many as 500 visitors a day looking at Pam's assets. Crazy. Note to you who care about any kind of wanton traffic: Mention Pamela Anderson. Having a picture of her in a see-through shirt also helps.

Coins for Caring: French Communication Institute Aids Hurrican Katrina Victims
I saw these kids by the CVS on 19th and Chestnut in Philadelphia getting money for Katrina victims. They were really clever...and doing something uplifting at a time of a national crisis. Plus, the picture of that little girl, the last in the series, is one of the best pictures I ever took.

Sorbet Combo at Rouge
Another of my favorite pictures. This one was taken in a window table at Rouge, on 18th Street in Philadelphia. I note a change in iFlipFlop, from random political stuff to more stuff that interests me. iFlipFlop, c'est moi.

One More Picture of Jessica Alba's Dress
Want to get traffic other than from mentioning Pamela Anderson? Put in a picture of Jessica Alba. I thought her dress at the Oscars was stunning. This one is one of my faves just because it's highly visual, what I consider the mark of the really good blogs.

Day Without an Immigrant Rally in Philadelphia: The Faces
Hermanos Unidos. That was the chant. Another beautiful day in Philadelphia with the added bonus of a powerful cause. I got some nice close-ups here.

Why It's So Great to Have Boys
Ah, the pride of parenthood. Raising teenage boys. A teenager, a hose, and a camera. Guess what's in the picture.

Looking for an Honest Guy in Philadelphia
I dropped a company check on the corner of 18th and Spruce made out to me for partner's pay. It was fully could have been cashed. Some guy, who we still haven't found, brought it to our office and said, "I think you lost something?" Every once in a while I get reminded of this in the office when I'm going off about this or that. I'm a bonehead. This reminds me of that. And it reminds me that there are some really great and honest people out there.

Uproar on the R5
Bad, bad woman. Crowded train. And a guy who Hippo Hollers, "Shut up, you cow!" What could be better than that?

13 Years of Catholic School and a Big Wave
I got drenched by a taxi that accelerated through Lake Philadelphia at the corner of 17th and Spruce. I didn't even flinch. 13 years of Catholic school taught me to hold me head still and not react. JMJ.

Frosty the Wonder Cat
An obituary for the world's best cat.

The Mets are in Town
The New York Mets were staying at the Westin. Sarah and I were out for lunch and walked by. She finagled a baseball signed by Tom Glavine and a bunch of the best guys on the team. That made me laugh.

My Favorite Phases
Um, they're my favorite phrases. (I finally learned after a couple of years of blogging to write descriptive headlines.) I'll add, "They took my friggin kidney!" to the list now, for those of you who are fans of Charlie the Unicorn.

5 Things Your Didn't Know About Me (and Maybe Didn't Want To)
What did I tell you about descriptive headlines? I'm learning, I'm learning. Quick summary: Ticket free, fell 3 stories and lived, had my eye poked out, got claustrophobic in Notre Dame de Paris, and can fly in my dreams.

Planning for a Moveable Feast
I want to go where the weather is good. Every day. Here's my plan.

Nearly everything I wrote in February 2007.
I know, that sounds really self-serving. And it is. But I really did like what I wrote last month. I'm learning.

Some Stats About iFlipFlop
iFlipFlop has been in business for 934 days. From the server stats you can see below, there have been 1.9 million requests for pages since I started. And I'm serving up an average of 400 Megs of data a day (and a lot more lately).

I know that server stats are always a bone of contention. They never really give a great picture of what's happening. But since a lot of people use SiteMeter, I've added a picture of what's been happening this year and over time. I think I'm getting close to 400,000 visits in total according to this one. Other stats packages I have on my server look like it's about double that. Either way, it's a lot of people who want to know about La Vida iFlipFlop.

The Last 12 Months on SiteMeter

The Totals on SiteMeter

My Favorite Part: Friends of iFlipFlop
Really, the best part of writing is having readers. And there are some loyal ones out there that I'll mention by name, many of whom have blogs, others who don't.

Pax, Albert, Scott, Howard, Tony, Rich, Rick, Vincent, Maidink, Mrs. iFlipFlop, Merci, Moni, Jessica, Mark, Pepijn and Lizzy, Star, JT, Ms. Liquid Treats, Guillaume, Karl and Gideon.

Thanks to everyone who reads iFlipFlop. I know there are those who write to me and leave comments (10,289 so far) and those who read and move on. I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone...if I did, it's one of the beauties of a blog...I can edit it.

On another note, I really do read everyone in my blogroll every single day. This year I'm trying to be a better reader and comment more. I'm easy when it comes to linking to people...if you send me a note or comment on my stuff, I'll link to you. I can reached at frank [AT] iflipflop [DOT] com. And if you're around Center City, I'm there a lot.

Well, on to post 2,001. Here's a little link to the insipriation for the title of this post: NWA's 100 Miles and Running.

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